One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa hash out the possible reasons why Biz can’t stop saying “no” to EVERYTHING her kids want to do, even when there is no good reason for it. “No, you can’t play with that toy that is totally yours and is actually fine for you to play with! Wait, I mean, ok.” Plus, Biz feels cheated by TV again, Theresa survives an epic public temper tantrum, and we ask why so many kids were eating cake in the 50’s?! And, we have an incredibly helpful conversation about talking with our kids about sex and gender with sexuality educator and author Cory Silverberg, whose wonderful new books include What Makes a Baby and Sex Is A Funny Word.

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About Our Guest

 Cory Silverberg's books:

What Makes A Baby

Sex Is A Funny Word

Recommended links from Cory:
Trans Youth Family Allies (US)

Gender Creative Kids (Canada)

Gender Spectrum

How to Be a Girl (podcast)

Free Guide for Parents on Talking with Kids About Sex

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