One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa celebrate YOU, our listeners, and what an amazing job you're all doing…most of the time! From serving baby oatmeal out of a piping bag to poking your kid in the eye before a shot, you guys are nailing it!

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Biz and Theresa wonder why sometimes a crisis is easier than regular life? Maybe we wouldn't feel this way if we got trophies and a standing ovation every time we did the dishes or handled bedtime solo! Plus, success leaves a bad taste in Biz's mouth, Theresa discovers the secret to keeping a clean house, and we talk to nationally syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson, who reminds us, “It’s just a baby.”
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Biz and Theresa need to vent about the holiday that is Mother’s Day and ask these three important questions: What’s wrong with Mother’s Day? Should we just cancel Mother’s Day? and Can’t we have anything nice? Plus, something horrible is following Biz, Theresa has her strengths and her weaknesses as a parent, and we talk about life with a Top Chef with Jen Voltaggio.

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Biz and Theresa admit to all the things that keep us up at night and share our tricks for coping when our minds want to go off the deep end. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you don't already suffer from crippling anxiety, you might after hearing this incredibly graphic show! Plus, Biz’s toddler is SO negative, Theresa has great bedside manner and we talk with humor writer and author Kate Casey about her new book You Know You Are Pregnant When, Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been There. 

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Biz and Theresa predict what our kids will be when they grow up, based on what they're into now. (Hint: Someone LOVES throwing food, so he's probably going to be a food critic!) We also come to the shocking realization that we may be letting our own emotional baggage shape our hopes and dreams for our kids. (Future fail!) Plus, Biz has one walker and one faller, and Theresa announces that her job is not to make all of Simon’s wishes come true.

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