One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa tackle the deepest of parenting topics…strollers. Have strollers become the symbol of all things evil about moms? Plus, the universe does not want Biz to enjoy a hamburger, Theresa is her own chiropractor, and we talk to super-edgy renaissance woman Michelle Tea about going through IVF as a lesbian, her new memoir How To Grow Up, and her kick-ass online publication Mutha Magazine. 

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Biz and Theresa accidentally gain new insight into ourselves this week! OOPS! We talk about our self-confidence and what happens to it after we become parents. (Hint: It may get shit on.) Plus, Biz discovers there's even MORE she didn't know about her kids' teeth, Theresa blows Biz’s mind with a trip to the spa, and we enjoy a much-needed laugh at parenting with Johanna Stein and her funny new book, How Not To Calm A Child On A Plane.

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Biz and Theresa get a visit from the Tooth Fairy and discover we're totally unprepared for both the high emotional cost and high monetary cost of a baby tooth these days! Also, Theresa learns all you need is a box and an imagination to lose your mind, Biz has a bright idea that's a failure, and a listener’s rant reminds us that 90 percent of parenting is having to do something you don't want to do. Plus, our guest, Dr. Gloria Walther, is an Early Childhood Development expert and she drops crazy knowledge bombs on us! She helps us with a range of common issues we confront with 3- to 5-year-olds, like sharing, listening, telling the truth, and more. Seriously, you do not want to miss her!

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Biz and Theresa discover that change is hard, especially when that change is your precious child starts lying to you...without the courtesy of being any good at it! Sadly, this isn’t one of those phases you can ignore in hopes they will grow out of it, much to Theresa’s dismay. Clearly, the only answer is putting the fear of God into them. No chance of future issues with that solution. Plus, a genius listener leans ON instead of leaning IN and we talk with Jennifer Oxley, co-creator of the PBS Kids show Peg + Cat, who puts a new spin on night wakings with a newborn!

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Biz and Theresa tackle toys this week! What's better, eco wooden toys or plastic? Who cares! As long as they keep the kids amused so we have a minute to catch our breath. Plus, Theresa can't answer any more kid questions and Biz just wants to be left alone to brush Repunzel’s hair. Together, we learn that the holiday break may have been a tad too long and no bathroom is big enough to provide much-needed sanctuary from the household chaos.

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