One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa try to figure out how our childhood memories and images of moms fit -- or don't -- with how we see ourselves now that we're moms. There's a good chance we're over-thinking it. Plus, Biz discovers that the kindergarten playground may be one step away from a prison yard and Theresa makes parenting look easy. We speak with Deborah Feingold who has photographed everyone from Bono to Clinton, about her new book Music, a collection of her most iconic images, and she lays some serious mom-insight bombs on us that may be the answers to all our overthinking. 

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Biz and Theresa explore the ways our consumption of news stories has changed since we've had kids. Hint: it's gotten kinda hard. Also, riding high from the first day of kindergarten and too much coffee, Biz experiences some beautiful moments of parenting clarity! Which we obviously indulge because -- let's face it -- clarity about parenting can be elusive as all hell. Plus, we find out how to make Theresa punch a kitchen cabinet!

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Biz and Theresa talk about taking our kids to the doctor and giving them shots! Guess who has no emotional issues seeing her kids get shots? Hint: Her name rhymes with Beresa. Plus, Theresa has a problem with sharing and Biz is shocked to discover her son only wants to touch his penis….ever. If that isn’t fun enough, the show wraps up with a call from the wise, funny, and extremely pregnant host of Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee McElroy, for a discussion about vaccines! Best episode ever!

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Biz and Theresa talk about our eldest kids' birthday parties, what constitutes a momentous age, and how, when kids age, it means parents age! NOOOOOO!!!! Plus, the Universe reminds Theresa she can’t go anywhere…ever, and must be tethered to her baby at all times. Biz moves Ellis into his own room but keeps the emotional baggage with her. Toni Hammer of the blog Is It Bedtime Yet, Stories From a Mom Who Never Wanted the Job joins us to tell us how well people respond to the idea that she didn’t plan on being a mom. (Obviously, everyone is super understanding.) 
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This week Biz is on vacation and Theresa is joined by a guest host! Sarah Morgan is a UK-based comedy writer who also happens to write for MaxFun's own International Waters. Don’t worry, Sarah swears enough to make up for Biz’s absence, but sounds way classier doing it. Theresa and Sarah talk about being away from your family, entitled moms, and baby-led weaning. Plus. Sarah drops a bomb when she says she actually loved being pregnant! Who knew that was possible? We should probably get knocked up again to make sure we did it right the first time.

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