One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa wonder if lying to our kids is even a lie at all? Probably? It probably is still lying. Plus, Theresa is decidedly NOT gushing about preschool this week, Biz tries to figure out why Princess Leia needs a hairbrush, and we talk about autism and international adoption with Becca, of the awesome blog, Sincerely, Becca.

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Biz and Theresa try to have a conversation without mentioning our kids and get to know each other better as friends, not just mom-friends! Plus, Biz learns that “childproof” may not be applicable to her child, Theresa turns her car into a mobile playground, and we find out exactly what our kids' teachers want us to know, thanks to our guest Erica Ladd and her new book, The Candid Classroom.

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Biz and Theresa talk about preserving the precious memories we have about our children, only to discover that, as usual, we are each failing at it in our own special way! Plus, Biz finds herself trying to explain the Afghanistan War to a five-year-old and Theresa tricks her kids into thinking everything old is new again. And, we talk with with Mary Kobinger, whose husband is on the front lines of the fight against Ebola, about what it's like being married to someone who puts his life at risk everyday. (Super relaxing, probably?)

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Woooooo! Kick back and bask in the glory of you, our listeners, as we celebrate your genius moments and failures in The Second Ever Genius/Fail Spectacular -- this time with rants! From washing the diaper pail while washing yourself, to going too far trying to help another mom, to the mother-in-law who seemed to think it was a great idea to send a mean note about breastfeeding to her daughter-in-law via Facebook, we walk away from this show feeling less alone than ever. You are all doing a great job!

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