One Bad Mother
Biz and Theresa talk about how it makes us feel when our kids behave differently around other adults than they do around us. "What do you mean he's well-behaved and likes vegetables?!" What are we doing wrong?! Plus, Biz is enjoying crippling sleep deprivation in Alabama and Theresa shares an epic three-part fail. 


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What happens to a friendship when one friend suddenly has a baby, and the other remains child-free? This week, Biz and Theresa tackle questions about friendships submitted by our child-free listeners. From dealing with the crappy things that come out of new parents' mouths to trying to convince your friend that you really do want to hang out with her and her screaming baby, we try to take the pressure off by answering the questions that may feel hard to ask when friendships encounter big changes.

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Who needs two tickets to the gun show? These guys! Biz and Theresa test the bonds of friendship by talking about our respective stances on toy gun play. Plus, Biz returns to her roots, Theresa gets a 24-hour vacation, and we talk to the very funny actress and writer Sarah Thyre.

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