One Bad Mother

Like our postpartum bodies, nothing is where it should be! First, our kids are growing up too fast, and our friends are looking too depressingly perfect on FaceBook. Next, we jump into our topic: we call Jen McLellan of, who shares awesome tips for having the pregnancy and birth experience you want -- and loving your body -- no matter your size. Then Biz and Theresa break it down about our own post-baby body feelings and decide to get naked and take pictures of ourselves. That last part may or may not be true. Enjoy!

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Biz and Theresa try to answer the big questions, like: what happens when you die? “Go ask you father” apparently does not cut it. Theresa has a breakthrough and Biz’s daughter is finally excited to do things without Biz…weep, sob, I mean, yay! Plus, we speak with Joanne Goldblum, Founder and Executive Director of the National Diaper Bank Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that every child in the United States has an adequate supply of diapers to remain clean, dry and healthy. She helps us understand the issues and how to help.

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Biz and Theresa talk about what it's like when our kids hurt our feelings and how we try to deal with it. Hint: Slamming the door and telling them we can’t be friends anymore sadly is not the answer. Biz contemplates the other side of crazy and Theresa needs a vacation...on a boat! Plus we talk “spirited kids” and kids who hit with Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of the popular books Raising Your Spirited Child and Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles: Winning for a Lifetime.

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Biz and Theresa remember back to what it was like celebrating Mother’s Day as kids. In retrospect, Mom may have gotten a raw deal, including having to share her dime store, rock hard, but picked with love, chocolates. Plus, we talk about introducing solids and wonder if anyone cares what we feed our kids. Eleni Mandell returns to talk about her new album “Let’s Fly A Kite” and about touring with 3-year-olds (it's apparently super). 

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Biz and Theresa discover we've learned nothing from the first go-round and once again are unable to find time for ourselves amidst the chaos of life with babies. What's worse? Parenting is still hard! Plus, Biz’s baby sees ghosts and Theresa’s two-year-old comes face-to-face with FORBIDDEN CAKE! And, Dr. Karp of the Happiest Baby/Toddler series of books and DVDs joins us to solve all our problems.

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