One Bad Mother

On a very special Halloween episode of One Bad Mother, we talk zombie-apocalypse-readiness! (...A.K.A. emergency preparedness!) Clearly, we are prepared to have a three-day-supply of water and eat people. Theresa solves bedwetting forever and Biz spins a genius moment out of anything that will spin. Plus, we summon the ghost of John Hodgman to judge us as moms, only to discover that the real monster is the creator of baby food puree pouches!

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On a Very Special MaxFunWeek episode of One Bad Mother, Biz and Theresa seek forgiveness. Why is it so easy to forgive the people we love, but not ourselves? Plus, Katy Belle is in love, Theresa is not a monster, and best of all we talk with Dave Shumka of Stop Podcasting Yourself and his wonderful wife, Abby, who is her own person, about life with their brand new baby.

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Biz and Theresa wonder what you're supposed to do when you can’t take the time for yourself that everyone wants you to take unless you have the baby with you. Is it possible to have restorative time for ourselves...while we're with our babies? Plus, kissing in kindergarten, everyone is being a dick to mom, and we talk with Lisa Mourgess about parenting techniques, homeschooling, Down syndrome, and what it's like to have seven kids. 
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Biz and Theresa wonder how we find time to discuss family business with our partners, or -- shock of all shocks -- simply talk and connect with our partners?! How is it possible two people can live in the same house and not find time to talk? Oh, that’s right. We have kids. Plus, Biz gets comfortable with being a “plain old mom” and Theresa takes a chance and talks with the parents of Simon's playground "bully." And, we talk about paternity leave in America with Shaun Wiley, Professor of Social Psychology at The College of New Jersey. 

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