One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa wonder why "letting go" feels so great but "giving up" makes us feel like losers? Clearly we're having trouble deciding whether our glass of wine is half-full or half-empty. Plus, Biz offers a refuge for tired moms and Theresa comforts her child with sugar. And we explore being married to the military with Lisa Smith Molinari of the blog The Meat and Potatoes of Life.

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We call bullshit on the "to do list" when none of the ten thousand things we do as a parent everyday counts as a thing we can cross off. Plus, Biz comes to the realization that any problems her kids have may not actually be her fault, Theresa plays mind games with Simon, a listener fails when she realizes the cock her son wants to know about isn’t a rooster, and we talk to Sally Hepworth about her debut novel, The Secrets of Midwives.

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This week, Biz and Theresa forgot to put the kids back in the fridge and they’ve gone SPOILED ROTTEN! Can a young child really be spoiled? Or is it just one of those descriptions we found so easy to toss around before we had kids and discovered that our expectations may be out of whack? DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THIS 4-YEAR-OLD ISN'T ABLE TO BE POLITE AND GRATEFUL AT ALL TIMES? SPOILED! (IT MUST BE THE PARENTS' FAULT!) Plus, Biz decides to let her 5-year-old off the hook this week, and Theresa would love it if we could all get together and stop this Measles outbreak! Wooooooooo!

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Biz and Theresa make predictions about what life will be like when our kids become teens (...our conversation quickly turns to porn). Plus, Biz poses the question, "Which is worse: when your partner has a hard time with the kids, or when he says they had a blast?" Theresa finds a way to make early mornings marginally better, and we hear an amazing listener-call-in fail involving a small child with a fake moustache. Dr. Jennifer Wider returns to give us advice on dealing with teens and talks about her latest book, Got Teens?: The Doctor Moms’ Guide to Sexuality, Social Media, and Other Adolescent Realities.
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