One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa talk about whether and for how long it's ok to be naked in front of our kids and vice-versa. And, as if that's not awkward enough, we also discuss names for all those body parts that are out there in the open! Plus, Biz solves part of the “poop in the tub” problem, Theresa's genius moment and failure are both thrilling and urine-related, and we talk to Al Watts, president of the National Stay At Home Dads network. 

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Biz and Theresa wonder what our kids will remember of their childhoods and whether there's any way to get them to treasure our genius moments as much as we wish they would? Oh, and of course, forget our failures? That'd be nice! Plus, Biz turns a corner, it's Weaning Day ("hooray, hooray!") for Theresa, and we chat with inspiring mom of two, Senior Producer of This American Life and Executive Producer of Serial, Julie Snyder!

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Biz and Theresa celebrate our 100th episode! With our moms! We find out whether it really was easier being a mom back in the good old days before everything could kill us. Plus, no amount of glitter can decorate Biz’s fail, Theresa ruins Easter, and a Mom Rant reminds us all that sleep is more important than we sometimes acknowledge. What better way to celebrate 100 episodes?! Everyone is doing a great job!

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Biz and Theresa talk wishful thinking, including the dillusion that "if only ____[insert complaint here]____ was different," we'd feel better and be better moms. HA! If only it was that simple. Plus, Biz has a super laid-back attitude about Katy Belle taking on more responsibility in the house (......which is not a true statement), and Theresa tries not to ruin motherhood for others. No guest this week, but plenty of time for some amazing listener calls!

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