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It's the #MaxFunDrive! Support the show by visiting Thank you! This week, Biz and Theresa are talking about the guilt and drama surrounding family dinnertime. So sit still, eat your dinner, and bond with your family for goodness sake! Dinner time is supposed to be relaxing! DON'T WE LOOK RELAXED? Plus, Biz steels herself for spring break, Theresa finds the fun in four, and we welcome back economist and author of Expecting Better, Emily Oster, to explore the recent CDC warning about alcohol for "women of childbearing age." WE'RE TALKING DINNER AND DRINKS THIS WEEK! GET IT?! Happy #MaxFunDrive!

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About Our Guest

Expecting Better: Why The Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong -- And What You Really Need To Know, by Emily Oster

Follow Emily Oster on twitter @ProfEmilyOster

Hear more Emily Oster on Episode 40 of One Bad Mother

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