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Biz and Theresa wonder what "nagging" really is. Do we just want to keep our kids happy and comfortable or is “nagging” just another word used to belittle women? We know that developmentally kids need help remembering what they need, from keeping hands clean to dressing for the weather to staying safe. But at what point do we need to let go and hope they learn on their own from experiencing discomfort? Hint: NEVER! Plus Biz has a Bad Reputation, Theresa accepts some stuff, and we talk to Kate Rope about the importance of mental health as part of more traditional things to expect when you are expecting in her new book Strong As A Mother.

You can find Kate on twitter @katerope or on her website Her new book Strong As A Mother: How to Stay Healthy, Happy, and (Most Importantly) Sane from Pregnancy to Parenthood: The Only Guide to Taking Care of is out now and we cannot recommend it enough!

Check out our book! You're Doing A Great Job!: 100 Ways You're Winning at Parenting!

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