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Biz and Theresa are looking for a last minute miracle! “Parent! It's crazy dress like a historical figure pajama day today. What can I wear?” “Parent! I’m going on a field trip today! Here is my permission slip…oh and I need a lunch in a paper sack.” “Parent! My teacher said they emailed you many times to order my class shirt. Did you do it? I have to wear it today.” Do we let them suffer through this “learning moment” or help them “make it work?” Whether it is our fault for being unable to juggle one more thing, or our kid’s fault for waiting until Sunday night to tell us they need something for Monday morning, the real lesson will be teaching our children they can probably bullshit their way through anything last minute! Plus Biz is better with kids, Theresa opens a new chapter and we talk to Beth Newell, the co-founder of The Reductress and host of the podcast We Knows Parenting.

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