One Bad Mother

Warning! Our show goes a lot of places this week. Luckily they fall into neat categories! (see our trigger warnings note below)

This week, Biz and Theresa talk about personal space, which is a thing our kids like to act like they've never heard of! Plus, Biz finds something new to love and Theresa prepares to send her youngest off to daycare. And renowned author, childbirth educator, physical therapist, and doula Penny Simkin joins us to discuss actual helpful ways to prepare for a first childbirth experience as well as ways for those who have suffered sexual trauma can prepare for childbirth. 

Trigger Warnings:

Opening Segment: Safe but some high emotions about childcare decisions

Topic Segment: Mostly safe, but does touch on surviving sexual trauma and how a child who doesn’t respect your space can effect you

Interview: Two warnings. 1. It does talk in detail about preparing for child birth while being a victim of sexual trauma. 2. Additional risk of questioning your birth choices if one is sensitive to that. 

Rant: Normally fine, but after the previous segments, it might be a tough one!

Wrap up: Biz and Theresa try very hard to bring it all together!

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